I’m putting this book first because inevitably, injuries occur to athletes. When I was recovering from rotator cuff impingement and also a major pull in my right hamstring, these “e-cizes” really did the trick. I got the lowdown on “Pain Free” from my coach and my physical therapist validated the technique. I will tell you right out: these do not- repeat- do not work over night. One has to stick with them and perform them daily for maximal effectiveness. Sure, you could call this alternative but I’m a great believer in working with the human body instead of attacking it. The Egoscue website explains the method here; and yelp! carry reviews of the method itself.

Whether you’re a builder, lifter, strength conditioner, these are the books for you. Mr. McRobert presents information for the typical “hardgainer” from a natural (lifting is different without steroids) and organic (lifting is different when you work with your body) point of view. He does not pull any punches. He tells it like it is. At once, the information is dense, profound and subtle; every time I read them, I get something new. Reviews of Mr. McRobert’s techniques are drawn seemingly even for and against and I have it here because I have gotten results. I encourage you to check it out for yourself with the understanding that one has to find the right program through a journey of trial and error. If you’re a hardgainer like myself, you’ll find these books refreshing in that someone is talking directly to us.

This is a no-nonsense diet plan written by my friend Nate Miyaki and I can personally attest to it’s effectiveness. I am using it and will continue to do so for whatever needs I may have- trimming or mass gaining.  Get it here and check it out. Nate says he will be having a more complete package for this in the spring and I’ll keep you updated.


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