Feeling Fatigue From Fat-loss

Don’t get me wrong…the fat loss is great but it’s a challenge to bodybuild, work and have a life while restricting calories. I may be down a little farther in my caloric consumption than I should but regardless, there is still going to be some fatigue when the calorie load is low to cut the adipose tissue.
Especially since I am used to eating 2600 plus cals and have been little more than half that lately. I know…maybe too low.
But, those cals I’m counting are only the carbs, proteins and fats….as I said in another article, I’m eating mondo amounts of greens and don’t count those thermogenic calories towards my caloric prescription. And- I do get all of those lovely minerals and vitamins.
The fatigue is a great tool to practice focus. I cannot waste a lot of energy running around both physically and in my mind (which is where most of the running around happens…sorta like my own private track and field event in my head) so I have to think carefully and respond calmly. Definitely not my two strongest points but, the skills are developing.
Otherwise, lifting is great. I’ve been doing a new work out routine referred to as DoggCrapp lifting and you can see an overview of it here. I really like it a lot and I have been progressing as far as adding weight is concerned. The DC (DoggCrapp) method is much shorter than most workouts although at 45 minutes or so, is really about how long someone should be lifting anyway. These routines where folks are lifting for 3 hours are unnecessary unless they are pros. I can tell you from experience that I did more harm than good by going all out for lengthy periods of, was I burned out! And I hurt like a muthah.
Anyway, I’m really getting into this style of lifting. It seems less numbers bound and more focused on good form by concentrating on eeking out that next rep.
So,check out the video and let me know what you think. I’d be happy to chat about it.
So, don’t have a weigh-in this week but I blasted below 180 to 178 last week. I haven’t been this light for, gosh, 5 years or so. In looking in the mirror, I’d say I have at least 10 more pounds. My big concern is not to lose too much lean mass but to be as trim as possible. My goal is to be lean all of the time at 12%, even in the off season. I don’t understand having a great, muscular body and have it covered by fat. I want to see those muskels all of the time!



I was thinking the other day about “competing with myself” and how that works. I’ve heard the term many times.
I have spent most of my gym life being envious, criticizing and judging others and I thought this was competition. Competition was a sort of judgement and win or lose situation usually with me losing because everyone, I felt, was better than I. The spotlight in my mind was never on myself but what was going on out there. What the other guy or gal had or did. His muscles, her abilities, their demeanor.
It’s not surprising to have this attitude growing up in such a competitive country with the emphasis on being or getting the best. But, this just gives my power away and lets someone else be the determining factor of my abilities.
In one of those moments of clarity (in the shower- my meditation center) I saw that competition was a personal thing. It is an intention. The results are almost arbitrary and are mostly useful for monitoring rate of change. Success is not that I actually lifted another pound in my work out but that I looked at my lifting log and determined myself to raise the weight and then gave it everything I have.
So, competition becomes a challenge to myself to step forward and go for it. To put those “less than” thoughts down and live in intention. True, I try to do better than last time as far as adding weight is concerned but it’s not the ultimate goal. Doing the lift in perfect form is the most important.
I’m very happy when I do gain some mass or do add weight but I’m starting to see that if I just show up and attend to my lifting with focus, the gains are sort of a foregone conclusion. It’s almost as if gains aren’t up to me.
I am feeling like competition is more aptly thought of as challenge, a word I can live in more easily.

Searching around the last coupla days for something to write about as it’s my wish to keep up with the blog and keep you interested as well. Gotta say I’m drawing a complete blank. Wonder if Stephen King has these days….
So, just going to tell you about the diet thang. So far, I’ve lost 20 pounds since the beginning of November and I’ve gotta say, I’m very pleased.
Never before have I stripped off the weight and found MUSCLE underneath. I guess the last year and a half of pain and frustration have payed off (but let me be clear…if I could only lift and build, then nothing would make me happier…I love bodybuilding).
Before when I would trim down (and I’ve lost enough weight in my life to make body weight for two good sized people), I would just be a skinny guy. This time, I have definition. I’m actually shocked when I look in the mirror because I’ve have muskels!
I have been using Nate Miyaki’s Samurai Diet which you can get here. Nate tells me he is coming out with a more complete package for the SD but in the meantime, you can follow the above link to Amazon.
What I really like about the plan is I can eat as much green leafies as I want and never count them as caloric intake. Nate explains that greens are thermogenically “even” (my terminology) meaning what you eat takes as many calories to break down as you take in. Plus, you get all of those great nutrients.
I usually keep my macro nutrient breakdown around 55-60% carbs, 30-35% protein and 5% fat. I’m at a very low 1400-1500 calories but remember, I’m only counting the calories of the aforementioned macros, and not the greens. I eat greens at EVERY meal (yay-uz, even breakfast- I start the day with some steamed spinach, chard or some such).
And, I’m healthfully hungry meaning, my stomach may growl now and again but I’m at just the right level so that physically and mentally, I really want to eat, it tastes good and is filling. Before, I would dread eating because I thought it so laborious. This low caloric level of eating will change as I change to a mass gaining routine and start lifting heavier. I’m still lifting three days a week but since my calories are so low, I’m not gaining and I reach fatigue (failure) very quickly.
In order to gain, I will gradually up the calories say 100-200 at a time period for a couple of weeks and see what I get. I’ll have to adjust the macros so that I’m taking in more fat and less carbs.
I know…gasp. Less carbs. O my god. Such a controversy everywhere especially in the bodybuilding world. But for me, too many carbs make me fat. I had to find out for myself. That may not be the case for you or you. But, there is one rule in nutrition that is just starting to come out- THERE IS NO HARD AND FAST RULE. You gotta find out for yourself what levels of each macro and calories work for your particular goals and metabolism. It’s frustrating at times but just stick with it and keep tweeking the levels here and there.
I started out last November eating 2600 plus cals a day and honestly thought it would kill me to be below 2100. Now look where I am, all by tweeking and fine tuning. I’ll be the first to say I can’t keep to this level forever and I’m sure some nutritionists who might read this will think I’m doing the most unhealthy thing ever but, calories in- calories out. And as long as I listen to my body- am I too fatigued, do I get headaches, am I dull and stupid- and adjust accordingly when these things happen, I’ll get to my ideal body fat percentage of 10-12% without any physical side effects. Sure, I’m losing some muscle mass but that can’t be helped whenever one is shedding fat. Also, muscle memory will replace the mass at a faster rate than when I gained that mass in the first place. I know, seems like magic but that’s physiology for you…very mysterious sometimes.
So. I’m thinking I only have another month or so of this reduction stuff. I’m at around 20% body fat and started at 28%. Since the rate of body fat decreases exponentially, the lower percentage numbers will come more quickly.
Now, I think I will go have some chocolate ice cream.
Don’t be. One of the aspects to the Samurai Diet is a free “feasting” day where one can eat whatever one likes, once a week. I don’t take advantage of it very often but, it seems like a chocolate kinda day….

New Year, New Adventures

This is my resolution for 2012- be more ardent about blogging. Actually, I like to do it but I’ve just recently come into the social media world and learning all about how things like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn work together was somewhat overwhelming for a tech dinosaur like me. Heck, I haven’t a cell phone- yet!

But, breaking into this brave new world of internet connectedness is exciting and challenging. I like it. I feel as though I’ve finally gotten a handle on this stuff but as you may know, just when comfortableness is achieved, along comes a new aspect to learn. Never a dull moment.

Sort of like my own training is becoming. The big news is I’ve lost 17 pounds since the end of October…that’s 1.70 pounds a week. And, I have kept up with my lifting program although there are certainly days when I’m completely bushed because of caloric deprivation. Part of the deal. I have to get down to 12% body fat so I can concentrate on gaining mass. I have 9% to go being at 21% and I started at 28%. I tried to lose fat and gain mass simultaneously last year and let me tell you….it doesn’t work. At least for me.

It’s very exciting in this training to have to keep trying new programs because my body adapts so quickly. I have to keep raising the bar to achieve my goals. I was definitely in that space that you just went to the gym and did your (same old) workout and the results would come. Not so. As time goes on, more challenges are needed.

Anyhooo, I’ve been doing a workout called Dog Crapp. Yep, you read right. Dog Crapp. And it’s pretty wonderful. I have never had the focus on form I have with DC. It’s tough demanding and unforgiving. But I’ll tell you, I really feel “in” my exercises and the energy I gain from these work outs is incredible. I don’t think I’ve felt so god even on my puny caloric intake. I can’t wait till I’m eating like a monster to see what will happen, then. I’m not making a whole lot of progress strength and mass wise but, again, that’s prolly due to the small amount of calories I’m eating.

To just finish up today’s blog entry, I’ll refer back to the weight loss. I am using “The Samurai Diet” eating plan, developed by Nate Miyaki. You can get it for a song and Nate is available to counsel you. He knows hisstuff so check it out.I’ll tell you one thing that was completely new to me and that is inthis nutrition plan, one eats the bulk of the carbs at the END of the day. Anyone else freakin’ out about that? We have been told for years it was verboten to do that. But let me tell ya, it makes all the difference in my energy for the next day. You have to do it within a time frame, but it’s really painless. And, anytime I get hungry, I just eat some green leafies because they are “free” foods and don’t count towards my caloric prescription.

‘K, this blog is most likely filled with errors because I’m not going to edit today. I’ll check it tom’w and I apologize for any confusion.

Just remember- You can do it!


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